Welcome to Sushi Sama, home of the Sushi Party Planner. This site is designed for sushi lovers who can't get enough of sushi and want to start making it at home. It is great to be able to get out and eat sushi at a sushi bar but, if you went out to eat sushi every time you had a sushi craving, then your pocket book would suffer. You can make sushi at home for a quarter or one third the cost of eating out. This site will teach you how to do this.

Getting Started

First review "Sushi Definitions" and get yourself familiar with sushi terms. Next, check out the recipes and pick which rolls you want to make. Now you are ready to use the "Sushi Party Planner". The Sushi Party Planner is the crown jewel of this site because it will generate a shopping list of ingredients along with quantities of those ingredients needed for the sushi rolls you are planning on making. It will also let you know what type of grocery stores you can find these ingredients at. Not many people know how to make sushi, but now that you can, you will be the hit at your next party.

Learning to make sushi at home will allow you to enjoy sushi on a budget. Now when you get together with friends, you can enjoy an evening preparing and eating sushi at home. The Sushi Party Planner will help you survive your sushi cravings between the times your budget allows you to go to the sushi bar. Enjoy!